Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Nowadays it is difficult to know about the best exercise to lose belly fat is a major emerging issue but precautions, proper plans and above all your consistency regarding exercise can get you free from these belly fats. Tempting food, sizzling dishes, smoky BBQ and tingling of chandeliers, they can lead you to eat more, either now or later. Humans have a subconscious drive to eat more than need. We eat because we feel hungry and we need energy but there is some food which we eat for pleasure, to reduce stress and satisfy our craving. This results in fats and more vividly in belly fat.

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Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat

Here Is The Best Exercise To Lose Belly Fat:

1. Crunches

The best exercise to lose belly fat is crunches. Experts say that crunches are a top rank exercise that will help you to lose belly fat fast. We should include them in our daily exercise and increase in counts day by day to avoid belly fat.

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Crunches Exercise

Lay down straight with your knees bent, put your hands behind neck. Inhale deeply and exhale when you lift the upper torso of the floor. Repeat it; you should start with 10 daily. Further, you can add twist crunches, side crunches and reverse crunches to get more benefit out of this effective and best exercise to lose belly fat.

2. Walking

Another best exercise to lose belly fat is walking. Cardio is the best way to burn belly fat in your body. Every age group can go through it easily. You can do it in nearby parks, tops and even in one place. It’s just the gesture to walk, to lose fat you have to walk at least 30 minutes a day. You can make it fifteen in the morning and rest in the evening at the start, but try to take out time for yourself.

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Walking exercise

Your body will witness a change because of this effectual best exercise to lose belly fat. It increases the heart rate and boosts metabolism which will result in burning your fats and especially to lose belly fats. You will feel fresh if you select the morning time for it. No doubt you will suggest this best exercise to lose belly fat to interested relations.

Belly fat Exercise For Man At Home

If we ponder upon the activities of men we come to realize that they spend their 80% time in outdoor activities; jobs, friends, dine outs and parties…They have less time for gyms although some struggle a lot and habitual of gyms or do belly fat exercises for men at home to lose belly fat along with body buildings. So here are some belly fat exercises for men at home regarding your convenience.

1. Squat Thrust

No doubt squat thrust is the fruitful belly fat exercise for man at home. No need to cut your routine and go out for gyms to lose belly fat now, you can do it at any corner of your house to lose belly fat.

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Squat Thrust Exercise For Men

Take a standing position with open feet. Low down in a sitting position and touch the ground. Take out your legs back as in pushups position and then come back. This is the most effective belly fat exercise for man at home, which will burn your fats and strengthen your legs. Your target to lose belly fat can be easily achieved.

2. Vertical Leg crunch

Leg crunch is also a constructive belly fat exercise for man at home. You can easily do it by lying on the floor. Lie down on the ground, put your hands behind your head and lift your feet perpendicular to the ground. It not only builds your muscles but you will find it one of the best belly fat exercises for men at home.

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Vertical Leg crunch for men

Exercise To Reduce Belly Fat For Female At Home

Most women are very conscious of their figures and looks. They lead a very hectic daily routine with their kids, home, husbands and moreover kitchen. Women go through different stages which resulted in bulky bodies. The main problem is that how to lose belly fats and regain the figure speedily. They cannot easily leave their houses and families, so the best way to maintain their weight is to follow exercise to lose belly fat for a female at home.

1. Mountain climb

This is a fruitful exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home. It works at your core and makes the whole body more active. You will find it very helpful to lose belly fat fast.

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mountain climber exercise for female

Get a high plank position, drawing your belly in toward your spine. This way it will target to lose belly fat. Then drive your knees towards your chest one by one. Continue it with alternate sides. In a few days, you will find it a successful exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home.

2. Plank

It is one of the best exercises to reduce belly fat for a female at home. Kneel on the floor, place elbows on the floor, stretch your legs backward, and keep your legs, back and neck in the same line. Hold this pose for a while.

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Plank Exercise for female

This holding in the same position will stretch your belly muscles and plays its role to lose belly fat.
You will find the difference in a few days and admire this exercise to reduce belly fat for female at home.

Exercises to Lose Belly fat fast

Some people cannot linger on with exercises and interested in exercises to reduce belly fat fast. Most women carry on these exercises because some event is heading up, rejoin the job after babies, got a lecture from the doctor or realize their bulky shapes. And so they are willing to lose belly fat.

1. Bicycle exercise

It is a worthwhile exercise to reduce belly fat fast. In a very short period, it not only loses belly fats but also tones the body and maintains the waistline.

Bicycle exercise shopwopp

Lay on the floor place your hands on the ground, lift your legs and circulate them as you are riding a bicycle. You will realize that it is one between the exercises to reduce belly fat fast.

3. Lunge Twist

It not only reduces belly fats but also affects the lower body. In it, you have to stand with your legs hip-width apart. Slightly bend your knees, place your left foot forward and twist your body. Repeat it by changing sides. You will agree that this is the exercise to reduce belly fat fast.

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Lunge Twist exercise

Foods to reduce belly fats

We should be aware of foods that reduce belly fats. The satisfaction of taste buds is the major function of food so eat healthily, avoid junk food and soft drinks, reduce carbohydrates and above all no fasting. These all will help to lose belly fat. Below there are some foods to reduce belly fats

  1. Avocado
  2. Bananas
  3. Yogurt
  4. Salad
  5. Green tea
  6. Citrus
  7. Skimmed milk                                                   
  8. Whole Grain
  9. Fish
  10. Nuts
  11. Oats
  12. Raw vegetables.
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Foods to reduce belly fats

There are many more foods to reduce belly fats, but the real thing is the right choice at the right time. Your consistency and setting of targets to lose belly fat will keep your eyes on the prize.

Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Exercises

Life is a great blessing of God and no doubt it’s precious and magical. If your health is neglected then it can overshadow your life. The importance of health in your life spans every aspect from weight control to disease precaution to improvement in physical appearance. We should follow weight loss exercises to maintain our figure and keep our calorie count in a grip. Here are some exercises which will help in trimming fats of your body. Physical fitness enhances your body’s ability to respond to stress. Where the technologies are facilitating us in the workplace and homes there the physical labor is replaced by mechanization. Exercise not only makes your body fit but it also affects your mental health and the general sense of well human.

Tabs, mobiles, computers, I pads; these are those tempting and appetizing premises that have ruined away our health. The upcoming generations are more in danger. We should change our lifestyle to stay healthy physically and mentally. The bulky women, stocky kids and heavily built men are dominating figures of our society. Live with too much weight feels embarrassing and uncomfortable. Obesity can lead to many serious problems.

Weight loss exercises for men:

God has made man strong and he wants to keep himself robust and muscular. Most men love sports and gyms. They do weight loss exercises and keep them well built. Weight loss exercises are not only important for bulky but also for slim to keep themselves athletic and strong.


It can be easily done in-home on a firm surface with enough space for you to stretch. No equipment is required for it. The purpose of push up is to strengthen the chest, belly and arm muscles.

Push-ups exercise Shopwopp

Place your hands under the shoulder with index finger pointing front, try to put your palm on the floor firmly and screw your toes in ground. Try to push your body up with weight on your palm and toes. It has many types i.e. clap push up, diamond push-up and superman push-ups, etc.


Squats are one of the effective activities of weight loss exercises. It hits about every major muscle group. It is called the king of leg developing movement. Legs build out plays a vital role in weight loss exercises. Legs required to be strong and healthy as they lift the whole weight of our bodies. It improves the mobility of the lower body. It is a firm sitting position getting wall support.

Squats exercise Shopwopp

Some examples of other weight loss exercises are pull up, swimming and dead-lift, etc.

Weight loss exercises for women:

Women go through many phases in their life. In some cases, they gain weight and look bulky. I am glad to say that today’s woman is conscious of her body. Yes, she wants to look smart, elegant and stylish. It’s not difficult to attain this target. You can conquer your goals by following just some weight loss exercises.

Side Plank

Planks are the best weight loss exercises for your abs.

side plank for weight loss exercise Shopwopp

It affects on deep inner muscles, which helps to stabilize your spine and fuels up your workouts. In it, you lie on your side keeping your knees straight, raise your hips until your body comes in a straight line.

HIIT Intervals

High- Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is the best in weight loss exercises. It burns more calories in a short time. In it, we can choose any piece of cardio equipment (treadmill, jump rope, elliptical and bike, etc.).

HIIT-Interval exercise Shopwopp

Do it according to your ability and increase the time day by day. In a few days, you can see a vivid difference. Now take out your old gown and get ready for the party. Yes, you did it!

Weight loss exercises for beginners:

If you are a newbie and gather your courage to lose your weight then in my view you are the most daring person on earth. Let’s start your fitness journey. For beginners, dedication is the most important thing in which weight loss exercises demand. Here they are

March In Place

At the start, you have to warm up your body and need to be mentally prepared for future hard work. So keep it light so that your body and mind easily accept the weight loss exercises.

March in place for weight loss exercise Shopwopp

So walk, walk and walk. In start march slow and gradually speed up yourself. You can do jogging also. During this actually, you are setting your step goals to burn calories, boost metabolism and stay active.


I think more than 80% of people in this world are trained in cycling. You can use a cycling machine at home for exercise. But if you have an opportunity to go then step forward, call your friends to accompany you.

Cycling for weight loss exercise Shopwopp

Take deep breaths in the fresh air, listen to the whistling of birds during the morning and enjoy the lush green nature around you. I bet you will enjoy it most in comparison to other weight loss exercises.

Weight loss exercises At Home:

Life is going to be very hectic, Humans are working like robots. We have less time for ourselves. Places shrink away. So ponder on the availability, don’t worry if you can’t go out then you should stay at home but never neglect your body. There are many weight loss exercises that you can do while staying at home.

Bird dog exercise

It’s a floor exercise that strengthens your abdominal muscles, lower back and thigh muscle.

Bird dog weight loss exercise Shopwopp

In it, you form a straight line from hand to foot, keep your hips squared. Start it with five and increase it according to days


Its time to fly away from the fats that ruin your figure. These types of weight loss exercises involve your abs and strengthen your back.

Superman weight loss exercises shopwopp

In start troubles you but with the time being you mark it. Lay face down and lift your face and legs. Stay there for 5 seconds and then come back to relax. Repeat it according to your ability.

Weight loss plan:

To lose weight the biggest issue which we face is the selection of a plan. We become confused because everyone Google the weight loss exercising plans and bulk of plans open before us. Don’t be confused, it doesn’t matter which plan you follow. The major point is that you should be aware of your requirements.

Conclusion:Don’t be ashamed of your weakness because under its biggest potential lies. You can reshape your life with your efforts. Hard work leads to success. Follow the points of ink plenty of weight loss exercises, drink plenty of water, stay consistent, keep your morale high, love yourself, be confident and eyes on the prize.

Health And Fitness-Physical Fitness Rules

Health And Fitness-Physical Fitness Rules

There is an ultimate relation between health and fitness. Health is all about our physical and mental condition whereas fitness is the optimistic approach towards life. Today the hectic routine, excessive workload, tension, and unhealthy food affect our health badly. The result of physical fitness is not limited to a fit and healthy body but it also impacts on our mental health. It boosts up our confidence level, dignity, and morale. Physical fitness is directly proportional to our health. In order to stay healthy, we have to keep our mind and body fit. Some points are given below:

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Health and Fitness Rules:

1.      Take out time for yourself.

2.       Elasticity inhabits.

3.      Try to go outdoors.

4.      Make yourself more social.

5.      Good food.

6.      Make regular visits to the doctor.

7.      Read the nutrition table on eatables.

8.      Obtain a healthy mindset.

9.      Avoid negativity.

10.  Focus on your feelings.

11.  Don’t compare with others.

12.  Daily exercise.

13.  Eat-in portions.

14.  Check your daily intake of calories.

15.  Take a calm sleep.

16.  Stay motivated.

17.  Try to kick your bad habits

18.  Reduce stress.

19.  Drink a lot of water.

20.  Don’t skip breakfast.

21.  Be consistent.

22.  Chew slowly.

23.  Eat-in small portions.

24.  Take a balanced diet.

25.  Stay happy and satisfied.

26.   Take proper inhale and exhale.

27.  Meditate.

28.  Increase the joy factor.

29.  Try to be near nature.

30.  Wake up early for fresh air.

31.  Enjoy the holidays.

32.  Visit your loved ones.

And remember!  It’s all right if sometimes you violate your dining rules but eat wisely and keep your mind calm. You are your best motivator, be determined and continue on this way of health and fitness. You know, YOU CAN!

Physical fitness is an important aspect of our life to maintain a good body and to find the right product you are in the right place.

Eternal Wellbeing:

I was just thinking about my health and my soul mate obesity cloaked over my mind and try to erase health and fitness word from my glossary; these two hand in hand words- “health & fitness” immerse a world of ‘physical, mental and emotional’ wellbeing inside it. In other words, health and fitness can be regarded as a way of attaining control over our own body, mind, and emotions.

Health and fitness are factual assets a person should acquire to lead a harmonious and hygienic life, vice versa my intimate, obesity usher us to depression, anxiety, cognitive illness, hypertension, mood swings, heart attack, cancer, diabetes, and other dreadful diseases.

Values of Health and Fitness:

Health and fitness are not only about physical appearance, but it is about the decline in daily energy, lack of sedentary activities, fatigue, depression, and emotional stability of an individual. Our body responds us to the way we feel, think, and act; an entirely “mind-body connection’. Where stressed and anxiousness leads us to high blood pressure or heart attack, as strong food cravings steer us to blood sugar or stomach expansion.

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The recent generation is more vacuous of their health and fitness; health and mental disorders usually emerge during adolescence and leads to adulthood. It can also root eating disorders; people with binge eating disorder can experience feelings of suffering, fatigue or self-disgust. Eating disorders are detrimental to health and often co-exist with depression or anxiety, in any age or gender.

Exercise regularly :

A dynamic change in the standard of living can assist in a healthy and fit life! Hygiene and sanitation are also crucial aspects that affect the health of a person; good personal hygiene is one of the most efficient ways to protect yourself and others from the infirmity and illness. Health and fitness engage in recreation in your life a vital role in keeping you and the people around you happy as well as healthy.
Avoid those terrible habits that will not only ruin your body and mind but also influence badly on the others around you, both mentally and physically.

Health and fitness can be maintained through regular workouts, healthier food, and other healthier habits, Exercise regularly is part of a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of what we do in life, such a routine can create habits that we can practice to sustain an optimal level of productivity!
After realizing adopting a fit and healthy lifestyle is crucial, and cutting off carbohydrates and participating in vigorous physical activities can shrink my body not my brain; I finally decide to say a final goodbye to my obesity, anxiety, and fatigue and will be taking a dynamic change in my lifestyle!